Monday, July 24, 2017

Snapshots from the First Canoe Landing

    Throughout the 2017 Tribal Journeys, Syaman Lamuran and Syaman Manaralay from the Tao Tribe delegation is connecting with Hanford McCloud and other leaders of tribal nations in the Pacific Northwest. They hope to learn how Native American tribes engage with governments on issues of environmental stewardship and tribal sovereignty. They will bring this knowledge back to Lanyu Island where the presence of nuclear waste still persist. Many participants in the canoe journey have been curious about the Tao tribe and the delegation has been excited to share their culture. One of the videos they share is about the inauguration ceremony of newly constructed boats and the natural beauty of Lanyu Island. 

This journey is made possible with the support of our supporters and sponsors like Glossika, which supports the preservation of languages, including endangered indigenous languages, through its language databases and teaching tools.

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